Yes, of course you can!

In fact many teachers around the world use our podcasts in their classes, or suggest to their students that they listen to the podcasts or watch our videos as homework or in their spare time. Many teachers also use and adapt our worksheets, and find these an invaluable resource in class.

Licensing - Audio and Worksheets

Audio: Remember, our podcast audio is free, and that applies to schools and colleges too. You can use our podcasts freely in your classes without having to purchase anything, or enter into any licensing agreement.

Worksheets/purchased materials from our store: Various teachers and classes can use the purchased materials from our store (e.g. worksheets) in one school only. If the materials are for use in more than one school, then it is necessary to purchase one pack of the materials in question per school.

Also, it is important to add that the purchased materials may not be published or made available in any form via any public teacher or school internet sites. The materials are for internal use only, and can't be placed anywhere on the web where the general public can access them. Gracias!

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