The way to get our pdfs onto an iPad or iPhone is as follows:

If you have a computer:

First of all, download and unzip the .zip file from our product download page to access the pdf's on your computer.  Then, sync the pdf's to your iPad or iPhone from either iBooks, or iTunes. If you need further help, please see Apple's instructions here, or Google 'getting pdf's onto an iPad/iPhone'.

If you don't have a computer and only use an iPad or iPhone on its own:

Please go to the app store on your iPad or iPhone and download a file manager app that handles zip files and pdfs (most will handle both these file types, and there are many free apps available that will do this).

Doing a search for 'zip' in the app store will show you options. Also, you can Google 'best zip app iPad/iPhone' to review the best, latest options.


Once you have an app installed on your iPad/iPhone that can handle zip files and pdf's, return to your Notes in Spanish product download page, click on the product download link, and the app should automatically handle the rest.